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Cocktail Making Classes Directions: Old Street Underground

By Mixology Events

If you’ve booked yourselves in to one of our range of cocktail making classes in Shoreditch at our permanent home, TT Liquor, and aren’t very familiar with the area, here are some quick easy directions to follow if your coming to us from Old Street Underground Station. 

We understand it’s sometimes easier to find your way here rather than home after a few drinks! If you think help getting home would be more useful hit us up on FB or via email and we’ll see what we can do.

Maps also available for download. 

cocktail-making-classes-london1. Once through the gates of Old Street tube we recommend taking the first right and exiting via Subway 1.

cocktail-making-classes-london2. Subway 1 is the blue one! At the end turn right.

cocktail-making-classes-london3. On street level, you’ll see Albert House looming up to your right. Continue along Old Street. 

cocktail-making-classes-london4. You’ll see this fire station to your left. You’re on the right trail. Keep going!

cocktail-making-classes-london5. Cross onto Old Street you should see these three graffiti dudes ahead of you. 

cocktail-making-classes-london6. Continue on Old Street (it’s a pretty long old street… sorry), eventually you’ll see the Court House Hotel. This is a Grade II-listed Baroque building which was once the Old Street Magistrates Court and Police Station. The east London gangsters, the Kray Twins, stood trial here once upon a time!

cocktail-making-classes-london7. Opposite the courthouse is Shoreditch town hall. You’ll see the words ‘Progress’. The building has a rich history and is credited with playing an important role in working class culture in the 1950’s. Continue walking to the end of Old Street. 

cocktail-making-classes-london8. At the junction you’ll see Shoreditch Church. Take a left on Kingsland Road.

cocktail-making-classes-london9. If you see this railway bridge, you’re heading in the right direction.

cocktail-making-classes-london10. We’re just on the other side of the bridge.

cocktail-making-classes-london11. TT Liquor is on the left, just after the bridge. Welcome! If you see a college, or a row of Vietnamese restaurants, you’ve gone a bit too far. Turn back and you’ll see us on your right.


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