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Mobile Bar Hire: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mixology Events

By Mixology Events

The mobile bar hire market is a saturated one, and it has become especially so over the past few years. That makes it a pretty tough task separating the wheat from the chaff.

We also know how irritating marketing jargon can be, so we’ll do our best to keep this brief, keep this informational, and keep it colloquial. We’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes, and we wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t think we were the best on the market in terms of delivering top-quality cocktail service to events of (almost) any kind. Wherever they may be.

So, if we haven’t scared you off and you’d like to find out just why we’re so sure of ourselves, read on:


Full Customisation: 


Since our inception in 2008, Mixology Events have placed full customisation at the very centre of everything we do.

This is because we know that no two events are ever alike, and at the same time everyone likes a drink or two, so it pays to be flexible. To that end, we offer a range of options to personalise and customise your bar hire for your event.

As an example, for Tiki-themed garden parties we’d suggest you go for our bamboo bar for that perfect beach bum aesthetic. Alternatively, for occasions like corporate parties or branded events, we’d recommend our light-up LED bars – ideal for making any overlaid vinyl you please come to life. We also have a range of options in between, from vintage aesthetic wooden bars to our ever-reliable classic design, so we’re willing to wager you’ll find your match.

Not only that, we’ve also put together an interactive menu selection tool boasting some 70 different cocktails to ensure that even your drinks menu can match any theme that comes to mind, from winter warmers to bartending classics. Have a go here. To be honest we’re quite pleased with it, even if we do say so ourselves.


We Offer a Completely Hassle-Free Service:


Because, quite frankly, who needs it?

We go about this in a number of ways, from your very first call to the very last glass being cleared away. Upon inquiry, we’ll assign you an experienced and dedicated events organiser who will be your main point of contact in terms of planning and executing your event. They’ll be on hand to deal with any specific requirements, logistical concerns, or – since we know things don’t always go according to the script – any last-minute changes you may have.

On top of this, our unique bar design allows us to discreetly and efficiently transport them, set them up in less than an hour, and clear them away again at the same rate, regardless of the location of your event. We’ve delivered professional-quality bar service to some truly bizarre locations in our time – from halfway up The Shard, to private back gardens, to manor houses bang in the middle of the Scottish Highlands.

In short, they’re portable and we take care of all the logistics. This means all that’s left for you to do is lay back – wherever you may be across this green isle – secure in the knowledge that we’re truly taking care of the drinks department.


We’re Highly Experienced:mixology-events-mobile-bar-hire-london-uk

We know this probably goes without saying since we’ve already told you when we were formed, but it’s worth reiterating because it’s such an important part of any bar hire service.

Many of our competitors are newcomers and are therefore more prone to falling into the pitfalls we ourselves navigated some 8-9 years back. These pitfalls can effectively ruin an event. With over a decade operating in this market, we like to think we’re one of the wise old heads in the business of delivering professional-level cocktail service.

These grey hairs of ours we’ve developed over the past decade or so also mean we’ve built close relationships with a wide variety of interesting venues across the capital and beyond, meaning that we can even secure a venue for you if you didn’t have one in mind, or yours happens to fall through at the last minute.

We regularly deliver our bar hires, and cocktail making classes, to over 25,000 guests a year, and we’re always asking for and acting upon the feedback we receive back to fine-tune our service moving forward. In other words, we’re always improving, we know what we’re doing, and – after all this time – we like to think we do it well.

But please don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Google listing, Facebook, TripAdvisor, or wherever else you find us and have a read for yourself.


We Like To Put On a Show:


We like to say that 40% of bartending is putting on a show.

Indeed, Jerry ‘The Professor’ Thomas – probably the most famous bartender to have ever lived, was himself prone to the odd bit of flair. Showmanship is in the DNA of cocktails and cocktail service, so we like to dabble a bit ourselves.

All our bartenders are highly trained and are sourced from some of the best bars around the world, meaning that your options are limitless in terms of the type of service you’d like to put on for your guests. If juggling bottles and flames are your kind of thing, great – that can be arranged. Alternatively, if you’d prefer your bartender to adopt a more reserved and classic style – say no more. Or perhaps you’d just like a laid back, amiable, and knowledgeable pair of hands behind the stick – no worries whatsoever.

The choice is yours. Whichever you go for, you can rest easy knowing that the drinks will all be of a professional standard and, therefore, delicious.


We’re Cost Effective:


We know the bottom line is often the most important consideration for any event, so naturally we’ve got that covered too.

Whether your event is for 20 or 2000, our mobile bar hire service is one of the most cost-effective on the market, especially so considering the levels of experience, customisation options, professionalism, and the hassle-free service we bring to the table.

Regardless of the scale of your event, we pride ourselves on being competitively and reasonably priced. Don’t believe us? Get yourself a quick and easy quote by getting in touch below..


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