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Looking to the future months we are still taking bookings with ZERO deposits.

Our bottle shop will still be carrying out deliveries of all the essentials to our friends and neighbours in our local area, and we will ensure all purchases will be able to be made online later on this week.

We will be hopefully back with all areas of our business in the summer. Any questions regarding future bookings please don't hesitate to get in touch as things will change daily! Good luck.


Since it is, and always will be, our number one priority to protect our staff and our guests; on Monday 16th March we decided independently to temporarily cease all our cocktail classes and bar hires in light of the serious public health threat posed by COVID-19.

Our office team is now based remotely which has eased pressure on travel commitments and health concerns for all our staff. We are currently working through contacting all upcoming events here to keep our clients updated on the current status of their bookings and future options.

If you can’t get us on the phone straightaway, please email through to with the request for a call back.


Obviously the timeframe for this is all still pretty hazy due to the fast-moving nature of the news, but we will be taking bookings and enquiries from June-onwards for our public & private cocktail masterclasses, as well as bar hires. No deposit necessary. If you have to cancel, simply give us as much notice as you’re able to give. (Make sure you’re happy with this part in relation to private events with Mixo)


Mobile Cocktail Classes and Mobile Bar Hire

Mixology Events provide cocktail making classes and spirit tastings in house at Mixology Studios, our permanent home in the vibrant area of Shoreditch, east London.

Mixology also offer cocktail events in partnership venues throughout London, as well as the option to take our mobile cocktail classes and mobile cocktail bar hire service to any area in the UK.

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Mixology events cater to groups of any size, whilst prioritising interaction and involvement within the cocktail workshop. See our shop for Mixology gifts and products. Our permanent home is 17A Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 8AA.

Mixology Events Other Services

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Cocktails and the sunshine are a match made in heaven, so we were thrilled to take our mobile cocktail making class service up to Herefordshire for a hen party the other week. They had rented a grand old manor near Welwyn for the day, boasting beautiful grounds, and the weather was absolutely perfect for alfresco cocktail making.

We pride ourselves on being able to take our mobile cocktail making classes on the road with us – to almost any destination – and we’ve done a number of events in the great outdoors now, all of which have been a great success. It’s a great way to take advantage of the limited sunny days of the British summertime, and cocktail making classes also happen to be perfect hen party material – after six or so cocktails everyone seemed to be in good spirits!

We can host our cocktail making classes at our new permanent home, on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch or we can take our cocktail making classes to almost any external venue of your choice throughout London or the UK… (read more)


Ever wanted professional craft beer service right in your back garden? Well now’s your chance thanks to Mixology Events’ new craft beer truck hire service.

We are able to deliver a wide selection of craft beers to your event at any location within London and the UK. The truck itself is a small slice of British motoring history. It started life as a FMW Matey Dockyard Slave Truck – instantly recognisable for the more venerable viewer for its crucial role trafficking freight around large dockyards and other industrial areas in the 1970s – and we’ve converted it into a bright red bona-fide beer wagon.

As standard, it comes with a fully-stocked bar and beer fridge, as well as three taps, meaning that it’s able to deliver an array of craft beers to your event, no matter the location. Its slight proportions makes it highly manoeuvrable. It can traverse roads, tracks, and driveways not normally suitable for road traffic, and it can easily be stowed on the back of a trailer for longer-distance transportation. Not only this, it also has the ability… (read more)


Tiki cocktails, previously the preserve of remote beach bars and speakeasies across America’s fabled Pacific coast, have now well and truly entered the mainstream thanks to their iconic looks and punchy alcohol content. A winning combination, considering they just look better and better the more of them you order.

At Mixology Events, we are able to deliver our bespoke Tiki bar hire service to you at any location within the UK through our mobile cocktail bar hire service. In terms of aesthetics, the Tiki theme is a real go-to option; there are no limits to its versatility. With roots dating back to 1930s Hollywood – inspired by Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt’s journeys around the South Pacific – it is characterised by Tiki statues, exotic rum punches, flaming torches, rattan furniture, and brightly coloured fabrics.

We are able to assist you with any menu design considerations you may have ahead of your planned event thanks to our Cocktail Consultancy service. On the day itself, our mixologists provide high quality cocktails to groups of all sizes, offering a hassle free, all-inclusive service. However if you desire specific aspects of our service, or have further questions about our Tiki theme, please speak to one… (read more)


So you’ve been landed with the unenviable position of having to organise your next work do or team-building exercise but can’t hire a venue or organise a trip out? We know the feeling all too well. Stop that hair pulling and pull it out the bag with one of our external cocktail making classes.

We can come to you wherever you may be in the UK. Melissa Watson, party planner at her office, said:

“I arranged for Mixology to come to my office for a staff event. All of my colleagues were very impressed by the cocktails that we made, and with the staff that helped us throughout the night. Many of the big bosses commented that is was the best event I had organised so far! The cocktails were great and it was great value for money.” – Melissa Watson.

Each of our cocktail masterclasses, whether in-house or external, focus on 100% involvement, discretion and efficiency – meaning that we can deliver our classes directly to your door, clear away in a matter of hours … (read more)


We took our mobile cocktail bars into the London clouds recently, as we delivered one of our trademark cocktail making classes to some offices on the 53rd floor of The Shard, located near London Bridge in central London. We showed 40 people the ropes, teaching them the basic tools and tricks of the trade.

The security at The Shard was appropriately tight, which we took into consideration when organising the logistics of the class – we made a location visit in advance which helped to ensure there were no difficulties in keeping to schedule. The class itself was hosted in a room with brand new wooden floors and – so as to not cause any damage, we developed a technique (using discrete patches of drugget under parts of the bars) to transport our cocktail bar stations into the venue without impairment.

The security were affable and after relevant safety checks we were able to transport all the bars, spirits, fresh fruit juices and bitters high above ground level within the time schedule. We provided 8 cocktail bars, fitting 5 guests per cocktail bar station – allowing each guest their own workspace to maximise interaction … (read more)