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Across London & the UK

Mixology Events are able to deliver a wide selection of craft beers to your event at any location within London and the UK through our beer truck hire service.

The truck itself is a small slice of British motoring history. It started life as a FMW Matey Dockyard Slave Truck – initially used for trafficking freight around large dockyards and other industrial areas in the 1970s – and we’ve converted it into a bright red bona-fide beer wagon. It comes equipped with a fully-stocked bar and beer fridge, as well as three taps, meaning that it’s able to deliver a wide selection of craft beers to your event, no matter the location.

Its pocket size makes it highly manoeuvrable. It can traverse roads, tracks, and driveways not normally suitable for road traffic, and it can easily be stowed on the back of a trailer for longer-distance transportation.

Our bar staff provide high quality craft beer service to groups of all sizes, offering a hassle free, all-inclusive service. However if you desire specific aspects of our service, or have further questions about our craft beer truck, please speak to one of our event organisers.

contact us or call on 03333 44 77 65

Call 03333 44 77 65 or contact form


For availability and bookings in and outside London call 03333 44 77 65.

If you are looking for more information specific to cocktail bar hires and parties please call the office or fill out the form below.



Event Organising & Consultation – A large part of the service we offer is working with our events team & mixologists to determine the best service style for your event, from the size of the bar and the amount of staff, to your menu choices. You can come in to our sister company at TT Liquor for a drinks consultation, and to sample potential menus. Call us to book an appointment.

Bar Staff – All of our bar staff are entertaining and knowledgeable and will always endeavour to make your guests’ experience a memorable one. We can also supply flair bartenders, cocktail waiters, bar support and floor clearing staff.

Menu – Choose from our extensive selection of craft beers. Think Belgian Trappists, German Helles, and London-brewed IPAs – our knowledgeable team can put together a bespoke fridge to suit your tastes and requirements. If you desire bespoke drinks for a personal menu or simply just want some informed beer recommendations, please get in touch.

Mobile Bar Styles – We have various bar styles and sizes available, as well as offering bespoke cocktail bar options. These bespoke bars can be the customisation of an existing cocktail bar or a completely original design.

Functionality – Although it is important that our beer truck is aesthetically pleasing, it is essential that it functions well to ensure your event runs smoothly and drinks are served with style and speed. Our craft beer truck has a sizeable beer fridge, three easily changeable craft beer taps, and even a fully-stocked bar, providing the perfect environment for our bar team to consistently serve high-quality drinks throughout the event.

Call 03333 44 77 65 or contact form