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Watermelon Martini


Watermelon Martini

The Watermelon Martini is a hugely popular choice for any summertime bar hire. This seasonal spin on the Martini is only available in the summer-time as it uses fresh watermelon, combined with premium vodka, tangy lemon juice and sugar syrup to create a beautifully refreshing and subtly tropical cocktail. 

Vodka, Watermelon, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup – Nick N Nora*

*premium glassware pictured, event glassware may differ.

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The Watermelon Martini is another spin on the classic drink that utilises fresh, muddled watermelon to give a light, fruity exoticism to the finished product.

Over time, a Martini has come to refer to pretty much any drink served in the eponymous Martini glass. Usually these cocktails have a gin or vodka base, but there are Martinis featuring a range of other spirits too. If you’re planning a menu based around the Martini there are a huge range of variations you could feature.

A great starting point is the classic Martini itself; a strong and devilishly dry mixture of either vodka or gin, with a minute amount of dry vermouth and a garnish of either lemon or olive. Of course, the classic Martini comes with a range of variations of its own – wet, dry, naked, dirty, there’s a style to suit everybody. Alongside the classic and the Watermelon Martini, you could think about serving the French Martini; a delectably sweet mixture of vodka, pineapple and raspberry liqueur, or even the Rio Martini; a tropical, cachaça-based Martini featuring grenadine and guava juice.

Drinks like the Rio and Watermelon Martinis use sweet tropical fruit flavours and would fit well as part of a tiki-styled menu. Tiki drinks tend to be rum-based, they are generally large, strong, fruity drinks, that are brightly coloured with big, funky garnishes. There are tons of tiki-favourites, including the Hurricane – a long mixture of blended rums, tropical fruit juices, lime and passion fruit – and the Mai Tai; a classic combination of rum, triple sec, lime juice and almond syrup. The Watermelon Martini would be a great light choice compared to the heavier tiki cocktails and a good way to provide an alternative to the mostly rum-based tiki drinks.

If you’re planning to serve a Watermelon Martini at your bar hire and want to know more about what drinks might be good to accompany it, be sure to speak to your event organiser about your options, or check out some other vodka based, summertime and Martini style cocktails from our list.


Watermelon has been a natural addition to fruity cocktails for years, the high water content and low amount of fibre in this deliciously sweet fruit make it perfect for blending into drinks and this simple, vodka-sour style Martini drink is a great way to showcase the flavour of the watermelon and balance out its sweetness. 

As to who first paired watermelon and vodka or where it first occurred there’s not much information to go on, with bartenders and amateur mixologists combining the fruit with some form of booze for about as long as it’s been readily available. 

According to Difford’s Guide the cocktail is thought to have emerged in London during the 1990’s and may have been created at The Met Bar.

Myths & Legends

Unusually, watermelons are both a fruit and a vegetable. Thanks to their sweet taste they’re often thought of as fruits and do grow like fruit, originating from flowers pollinated by bees. Botanically speaking, they are technically a fruit as they grow with their seeds on the inside, but watermelons are classified as being a part of the gourd family of vegetables alongside pumpkins, squashes and cucumbers and are the official state vegetable of Ohio.  



Difford’s guide features a recipe for a Watermelon Martini which leaves out the citrus, this makes for a sweet, vodka-forward cocktail that in our opinion is a little less balanced than the sour variety. Difford states that the recipe may have originated in London during the 1990’s.


Ingredients & Equipment

For vodka cocktails, it’s always worth using a classic, dry vodka like Stolichnaya or Wyborowa. These rye-based vodkas, from Russia and Poland respectively, both have a smooth, dry, almost imperceptible flavour, especially when served ice cold.

These vodkas are perfect for cocktails and fairly inexpensive when compared to many premium-vodka brands whilst still being of the highest quality.


  • 50ml Vodka
  • 12.5ml Lemon Juice
  • 12.5ml Sugar Syrup
  • 4 Chunks of Watermelon (roughly 1 inch cubes)
  • Watermelon Slice for Garnish


  • Shaker
  • Jigger/Measure
  • Muddler
  • Hawthorne Strainer
  • Fine Strainer
  • Mexican Elbow
  • Martini Glass or Coupette
  • Cubed Ice
  • Chill your glass in the freezer or fill it with ice
  • Take your Boston glass or small tin
  • Add the watermelon chunks to the shaker
  • Using your muddler, muddle the watermelon until it is mostly liquidised
  • Using your jigger to measure, add the vodka and sugar syrup to the shaker
  • Using your Mexican elbow and a jigger to measure, squeeze 12.5ml of lemon juice and add it to the shaker
  • Fill the shaker with cubed ice and seal using your Boston tin or lid
  • Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds or until your tin is very cold
  • Remove your glass from the freezer or empty it of ice if necessary
  • Using your Hawthorne strainer and your fine strainer, double strain your cocktail into your chilled Martini glass or coupette
  • Garnish with a thin wedge of watermelon, cut so it sits on the edge of the glass
  • Serve and enjoy!

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