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How to Muddle Ingredients


Muddling ingredients is a technique used to extract and release flavours from fruit and herbs.

You’ve definitely seen a bartender doing this to mint sprigs after you ordered a mojito.

The technique is named alter the piece of equipment you’ll need, the muddler, it is essentially the bartenders pestle. Like all other equipment, there are many different styles, it’s just about finding the right one for you. With some drinks the muddling is done directly into the glass it’ll be served in, others will be made in a tin or mixing glass. 

  1. Take your tin or glass, placing the herbs and fruit in the bottom. Add any sugar at this stage.
  2. The aim here is to lightly press on herbs with the muddler, using too much force will extract bitterness that’ll end up in the final drink. Any fruit will need added force to break down the fibres and extract the oils. 
  3. Once you can smell the aromas from the herbs or fruit, you’re done. Continue to add the rest of the ingredients to the cocktail.

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