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Cocktail Making Classes Reviews - EP 9


If you find yourself coming to the end of one of our cocktail making classes, held at TT Liquor in Shoreditch, you’re probably wondering where to head next to carry on the revelries, or show off your new skills at the next bar you stumble across.

Take some notes off these guys, who found that there were plenty of watering holes to head to come the end of their masterclass:

Had a great evening here a few weeks ago. Our mixologist was an absolute pro – he was very knowledgeable, skilled and fun. I really enjoyed all of the cocktails that we made, including gin and tequila based cocktails that I usually can’t stand!! Great location too, it was easy for us all to carry on drinking afterwards. Would definitely recommend it!” – Alice Holland


“Great alternative Friday night out. We got to make 5 drinks in total plus a welcome drink made for us, so there’s quite a bit! Johan was a top host and clearly knowledgeable and skilled and the first drink he made us was aaamazing!! You get to use all professional equipment and I got a good idea of how cocktails should be made as well as having fun. Definitely would recommend, afterwards you can spill out into Shoreditch to continue your night and maybe impress some bar staff with your new skills ;)” – Ross Cabrera

There are a number of bars to head to in and around the Shoreditch area, but if you find yourselves at our Kingsland Road studios at TT Liquor a quality bar could be closer than you think.

cocktail making classes cocktail bar shoreditch cellar bar

In fact, the Cellar Bar, an intimate subterranean cocktail bar that was once a network of police holding cells, lies just below your feet!

You won’t even have to head out into the cold – it’s accessible via the same stairs you walked up at the start of your masterclass so why not head on down and say hi once you’re class has reached its conclusion.


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