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Classic Champagne Cocktail


Classic Champagne Cocktail

A French staple, the Classic Champagne Cocktail consists of a single demerara sugar cube, soaked in angostura bitters, submerged in a shot of cognac and topped with champagne. This is a simple cocktail that elevates a glass of champagne to make it even more celebratory. This is the perfect choice for those planning an elegant event or an autumnal bar hire.

Cognac, Sugar, Bitters, Champagne.

*premium glassware pictured, event glassware may differ.

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The Champagne Cocktail is a French classic, over a hundred years old and still made the same way, this sophisticated winter drink features cognac, brown sugar and angostura bitters topped with Champagne or a sparkling wine of your choice.

This drink is a great way to start off proceedings or the perfect option to inject a little class and glamour into a bar hire. The Champagne cocktail would go well on a classics oriented menu and could feature brilliantly alongside other cognac cocktails like the Sidecar.

Another French classic, the Sidecar, is a sour style mixture of cognac, triple sec and lemon juice served with a brown sugar rim. This drink exudes classical style and sophistication and is a great partner to the cognac based Champagne cocktail.

If you want to feature other sparkling wine cocktails on your menu there’s a whole host to choose from. The strong flavour of cognac and bitters in a Champagne cocktail may not be to everyone’s tastes so something light and fruity like a Twinkle might be perfect to accompany it.

The Twinkle features lemon juice, vodka and elderflower cordial topped with prosecco or champagne and has a much more floral and summery flavour compared to its rich, cognac based cousin.

If you’re interested in including a Champagne Cocktail on your menu and want to know more about some other drinks that could pair well with it, be sure to speak to your event organiser, or check out some other cognac based, wintery, or sparkling wine cocktails from our list.


Considered the first evolved drink by drink historian David Wondrich, the champagne cocktail dates back to 1850.

This cocktail is from a period before recipes started being recorded, making it one of the first to be written down in its form and talked about in the media at the time. It was probably drunk long before the first written example was found but after that its popularity grew and the cocktail spread quickly across the world.

Myths & Legends

Humphrey Bogart was drinking a Champagne Cocktail in Casablanca when he delivered the line ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’.


Writing in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks David A. Embury gives his instructions on how to make the champagne cocktail;

This drink should be served in a pre-chilled saucer champagne glass. Place a medium-sized loaf of sugar in the glass and saturate it with Angostura bitters – about 2 dashes. Fill with thoroughly chilled champagne. Add a twist of lemon or orange peel, or both..”

Ingredients & Equipment

We recommend using a dry style of Champagne as the cocktail gets a slight added sweetness from the sugar cube. The original recipe called for a sec or a demi-sec wine.

With so few ingredients, it’s essential that you use high quality products in this cocktail, whilst you don’t need to use your most expensive X.O, the better your cognac, the better your cocktail will taste, we recommend using Remy Martin V.S.O.P, a classic French cognac made from Champagne grapes, the perfect partner for the eponymous sparkling wine.  


  • 1 Demerara Sugar Cube
  • 2-4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • 25ml Cognac
  • Champagne
  • Orange Twist to Garnish



  • Jigger/Measure
  • Champagne Flute or Coupette
  • Ice
  • Chill your Champagne glass in the freezer or fill it with ice
  • Take your chilled glass out of the freezer or empty it of ice
  • Place your sugar cube in the bottom of the glass
  • Soak the sugar cube with a few good dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Using your jigger to measure, add the cognac to your glass
  • Top with chilled champagne
  • Garnish with an orange twist
  • Serve and enjoy!

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