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We’ve split our cocktails into categories to help take the stress out of picking your drinks menu. 

For any bar hire we recommend a menu of between 4 and 8 drinks. These can be cocktails, beers, wines or even mocktails, and when choosing these drinks there are a few factors you may want to take into consideration. 

Not everyone likes the same things so it’s worth having a few different styles and flavours of drinks, try cocktails with a range of different base spirits and think about offering beers or wines as well as mixed drinks. Our cocktail categories can help take the stress out of picking your drinks menu.

You can browse our cocktail list by category and add the drinks you want to your menu, which you can then email to your event organiser, who will make all the necessary arrangements. Alternatively you can view our complete list of cocktails here.

To find out more about any of these options just speak to your event organiser by giving us a call on 020 8003 7982.


Variety — It’s always worth having a few different styles and flavours of drinks, try cocktails with a range of different base spirits and think about offering beers or wines as well as mixed drinks.

We’ve sorted cocktails according to their style, taste and base spirit to help you pick your favourites.


Lots of our styles tie in to the glassware the cocktail is served in, for instance, a rocks cocktail tends to be short and strong, served in a short stubby tumbler or ‘rocks’ glass, with cubed ice or ‘rocks’, whereas long drinks are served in a tall glass and are lengthened through the use of juices or mixers. 

Some other drinks are associated by theme, tiki drinks tend to be brightly coloured, tropically flavoured rum drinks, though sometimes they’re made from other base spirits, tiki drinks are fun and over-the-top and a great way to liven up a party. On the other hand, classics tend to be dry, heady cocktails usually using gin or whiskey, these are the drinks James Bond and Don Draper would order and they’re sure to bring a touch of class to an event.

Whether you want to try picking cocktails from a range of different styles or explore a selection of drinks from one style in particular, this category can help guide your decision.


This is a fairly self-explanatory category but to help you choose a good range of drinks we’ve identified general, overarching flavours you’re likely to find in most cocktails. Some of these are simple, such as sweet or sour, others are a little more specific like floral and herbaceous. Try to pick from a range of different tastes to keep your menu balanced.

Base Spirit

This is another obvious category but an important one nonetheless, base spirits tend to make up the primary flavour in a cocktail and people often prefer one spirit over another. If you’re planning a big party or event and you want to please everybody, it’s important to pick drinks using different spirits, or if you know your guests prefer one spirit in particular like gin or whiskey, this can help you choose a full variety of drinks using your chosen liquor.


It’s important to serve a range of different strengths of drinks at your event too, if you’re planning a classic or tiki styled menu, many of the drinks may be quite heavy on the liquor so you’ll want a few drinks for guests who prefer lighter options. As well as low and no-alcohol cocktails, we also serve a range of beers and wines, to find out more about these options just speak to your event organiser. 


While by no means is any drink limited to one particular time of year, we’ve split our drinks by season to help you pick the most appropriate cocktails for your bar hire.

Speed of Service

Different drinks take different amounts of time to make, we’ve split our drinks into those which are quick to make, average and a bit more complex. Try to balance more complex drinks with some quicker serves to smooth out service and cut down on wait time.

You may also want to consider the size of your event. For a larger event we suggest having a smaller menu – this will allow your bartenders to quickly make more than one drink at once, helping regulate service. For smaller, more relaxed events, there’s room to get a bit more adventurous with your menu.


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