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Mixology Events’ 100% interactive, award-winning public cocktail making classes are available at our unique, purpose-built venue centred around a fully interactive experience for every single guest.

Below you’ll be able to purchase and redeem vouchers for any one of our wide range of scheduled masterclasses, each taking place at our permanent home above TT Liquor on Shoreditch’s Kingsland Road.

All our vouchers are delivered via 1st Class Post and are also available for collection as well as a digital download.


  • Every Friday & Saturday

  • At our home in Shoreditch, London

  • 100% Hands-on Cocktail Making Class

  • Classes run for two hours


  • Length

    Our scheduled classes run for two hours.

  • Reception Cocktail

    Enjoy a complimentary cocktail upon entry to your cocktail making class in your mixology masterclass lounge.

  • Introduction of Cocktail Class

    Be guided through the background and concepts of mixology & cocktail making, and learn fundamental techniques.

  • Make Four Cocktails

    Every guest will make (and drink) four cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar, with no more than four guests to each cocktail bar station.

  • Cocktail Making Competition

    Indulge in some healthy competition as each cocktail bar competes against the rest to make their own original cocktail using a range of liquors, spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices and specialised equipment available to them.

  • All our scheduled classes take place at our Shoreditch home, in our purpose-built studios above TT Liquor on Kingsland Road. *Note, if there are any non-drinkers that wish to attend there are mocktail (non-alcoholic) options for each cocktail. No-one gets left out.

  • Award-winning, fun & informative

  • No more than 4 guests per cocktail bar station

  • Every guest will make (and drink) 5 cocktails behind their own bar

  • Printable & Posted Voucher Available

  • Had such a fantastic evening at the cocktail masterclass. Fun, delicious, educational. Emily was so much fun and I can't wait to try the rum masterclass next!

    Jen Grimble

    Google Review

  • Great work event & team fun! Our host & mixologist Kay, was phenomenal! He never missed an opportunity to be inclusive, payed extra attention to the individuals that had mocktails and/or needed separate measurements and was professionally entertaining! We had great memories and will do this again - and of course request Kay :)

    Ann Rose

    Google Review

  • LouAna made the class (a work social activity) lots of fun. I appreciated there were great options for those who chose non-alcoholic drinks. The breakfast martini was my favorite!

    Lori McLeese

    Google Review

  • The drinks were delicious, the instructions easy to follow, and the mixologist LouAna was super friendly and knowledgeable! Highly recommend!

    Scott Stancil

    Google Review

  • Ludwig was an absolute mine of information on beer tasting, beer types, and the techniques behind them. A really interesting and engaging session, and a fun group activity.

    Barry Emerson

    Google Review

  • We had a really great evening with Ludvig hosting our online cocktail mixology class
    The drinks were excellent quality, his was a brilliant friendly and helpful teacher, who explained things really well!
    Highly recommend!

    Kat Evans

    Google Review

Our Flagship Venue

All classes are hosted in our flagship venue at TT Liquor in Shoreditch. Spread over four floors on Kingsland Road TT Liquor has a cellar bar, liquor store, cinema, roof terrace as well as event spaces.

Roof terrace in London with blue skies


  • Why would I need a voucher?

    The vouchers give you unparalleled flexibility when booking onto our public classes. Essentially, you don’t have to choose a specific date for your session – it’s an open voucher. We run our classes twice a week, generally – Friday from 7pm-9pm and Saturdays from 1pm-3pm. They work really well as a gift, for example, if you know someone who would love to come to one of our classes but you don’t know an exact date they’re perfect.

  • I have booked a date but can no longer make it, can I have a refund?

    Our vouchers are non-refundable but we will be happy to reschedule you to a more suitable date.

  • Do you have digital vouchers?

    Yes we do. We can send printer-friendly vouchers over to you via email so there’s no need for you to wait for the postman.

  • Is food included?

    Not as standard, no. However, we are able to add on food to most events. At our main studios in Shoreditch, we have permanent cooking facilities meaning we can do hot or cold food. Dependent upon the facilities at external venues, we are able to offer this as well. We’ll always be able to offer cold plates and deli boards.

  • What's your disabled access like?

    We’re afraid our disabled access on Kingsland Road is very limited at the moment. However, we do have a variety of partner venues within 5 minutes away, which have ample disabled access. Please highlight any disabilities in your party with your event organiser beforehand and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

  • What cocktails do we learn?

    We switch up our masterclass menu every few months so people can come back and enjoy the experience again with new drinks. Currently we teach a vodka-based, bourbon, gin and rum-based cocktails.

Event Organiser

For our classes, we have a dedicated and personal team of event organisers based at our flagship venue in Shoreditch. The same event organiser will stay with you from planning and booking your event, on the day and post-event.

Your more than welcome to come down visit our unique, purpose-built class set-up to have a look around, meet your dedicated event organiser.


Our entire team, from bartenders to our head office, have years of experience in the industry, and with Mixology Events. They each go through rigorous training to learn how to deliver the best cocktail making classes on the market.

Not only this, each and every one of them are enthusiastic, friendly, and – generally – pretty lovely human beings to have around.


We understand the importance of verbal communication, and we know that some questions simply can’t wait for an email response.

That’s why if you’re considering booking an event, we encourage you to give us a call, organise a site visit, or come visit our team. That way we can discuss your ideas, since every event is unique.