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Introducing Mixology Events’ virtual cocktail classes. Our humble answer to the virtual pub quiz, 10pm curfews, and the rule of 6.

Everything you need to take part packed and individually dispatched from Shoreditch, London. Any time, any day, for groups of any size. Just add ice.


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Your next cocktail party. Delivered to your door. Anywhere in the world. ?

Inspired by the lockdown era, everything you need to take part, including full stainless steel professional kit, enough premium ingredients for 10 cocktail serves in total as well as bonus goodies, is delivered via tracked courier from our flagship venue-turned-assembly line in Shoreditch directly to your doorstep. Wherever in the world that happens to be.

We’re grateful that these classes, conducted on your preferred video conferencing platform, allow us to carry on doing what we do and enjoy best; delivering well-executed and enjoyable experiences to groups of any size, anywhere in the world.z

Find out more via our FAQs.


  • Cocktail Shaker:
    One of the most important tools in any bartender’s armoury, your cocktail shaker is a crucial component in the creation of many iconic cocktails. You’ll receive a professional-quality Boston-style stainless steel shaker as standard.
  • Bar Spoon:
    Inside your box, you’ll also receive a long, flat-ended steel bar spoon – sometimes known as Mazagran spoons – as standard. Crucial in terms of stirring down classic drinks like Negronis and Old Fashioneds.
  • Jigger/Measure:
    A really useful little tool, which is key to getting your drinks ratios bang-on. You’ll receive a classic multi-measure jigger in your All In One Box.
  • Strainers:
    Inside your box, you’ll find a Hawthorne strainer. Your Hawthorne strainer is used to separate large blocks of ice from your drink when pouring.
  • Muddler:
    This is essentially a device used to mash and mix up ingredients. Think mint in a Mojito.
  • Bar Mat
    Ideal for catching excess moisture, potentially costly spillages, and other debris, your bar mat will ensure your kitchen counter is well protected.
  • Premium Spirits & Ingredients
    Your box also contains enough premium spirits and ingredients to make 10 single-measure cocktails as standard if you wanted to share with a friend - or 5 double-measures if you're feeling self-indulgent.
  • Where are the boxes packed?
    Each and every box is packed with care by our dedicated team and dispatched from the specialist liquor store at TT Liquor, our flagship venue in Shoreditch, which is home to a subterranean cocktail bar, vintage cinema room, exclusive members’ roof terrace, and a series of events spaces upstairs - where our range of award-winning cocktail classes are largely held, as well as other branded and private events, supper clubs, and now our virtual classes.




Interactive, Informative & Award-Winning ?


  • Booking Process
    To get things started, first decide if you want to join a public class or, if there are six or more of you, set up a private class of your own. Choose from our range of different menu and class varieties to tailor your online cocktail making experience to best suit your tastes.
  • Delivery & Prep
    All the equipment and ingredients required are delivered straight to your door a few days prior. The pack also includes guidance on how to set up your bar station and how to make your own ice at home, which you’ll ideally need to do in advance.
  • Class Length & Invitation
    On the day of your virtual class, we’ll send out a Zoom meeting invitation which will include a ‘waiting room’. Once everybody has logged in, your host will kick off the masterclass.Each of our interactive virtual cocktail classes last roughly 30mins – 2 hours depending on the option you have chosen.
  • Introduction of Cocktail Class
    Your virtual host will go around the group to ensure you’re all set up, before introducing some of the key concepts behind cocktail making. Pour your pre-batched reception cocktail into a glass with ice to enjoy during the class introduction.
  • Make a Variety of Cocktails
    Once everybody has set themselves up, your host will take you through each drink one by one whilst guests attempt to recreate them as closely as possible before drinking. In between each cocktail, your host will go around each participant to get feedback on how their creation went. We have class options to make two, three, or even four cocktails.
  • What you need?
    The items you will need from the kitchen are a small knife and a small or medium size chopping board. These are only the ideal sizes – if you only have a meat cleaver and a tree trunk they will still do the trick.*Please note, non-alcoholic options are available for each cocktail. Nobody gets left out.

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Our classes can be fully customised to suit any diet, any style and any taste. Nobody gets left out. ?‍♀️


  • What type of virtual cocktail classes can I do?
    We have a wide range of cocktail options for each virtual class. You can choose to learn some of the quintessential drinks of bartending history, update them for the 21st century using modern techniques and ingredients with our classic class, get to grips with all things juniper on our classic gin-based virtual cocktail class, or let your hair down as we work our way through the extensive cocktail repertoire of legendary bartender Donn Beach during our tiki class.Alternatively, let those creative juices flow by checking out our catalogue of drink options and building your own customised menu. We have ensured that a wide range of drinks styles means there really is something there to suit every taste.
  • What dietary requirements do your virtual classes cater for?
    We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our classes, and we are able to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements - from gluten-free to alcohol-free - all in the same booking, seamlessly. Simply let our dedicated event organisers know beforehand and we’ll take it from there.
  • How many cocktails do we make?
    Our standard class contains all the ingredients for 5 double-measure cocktails - including a welcome drink, three class cocktails, and extra ingredients for a competition cocktail at the end. Whether you go all out on the double-shot cocktails, or save some ingredients for afterwards, is up to you. We also have options for as many or as few cocktails as you like - just give us a heads up.
  • "We had a go with the virtual cocktail class and it was a fantastic experience. The mixology guy really knew his apples and this shone through during the class. I have taken what I learnt and remade the cocktails plenty of times. A definite must for stay at home fun!"

    Tom White, via Google.

  • "I hosted a virtual happy hour for my team last night and worked closely with Mixology Events to ensure employees in other countries were able to participate. Throughout the whole experience, Lucy & Rebekka were incredibly responsive. They were able to tailor ingredients to meet employee's dietary restrictions, delivery of the ingredients was seamless & beautifully packaged. The feedback I received from my team was that it was the first virtual happy hour they actually enjoyed!"

    Ashley Wilburne, via Google.





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Over a decade’s worth of experience delivering award-winning cocktail masterclasses. ?


  • How long have you been conducting cocktail classes for?
    We’re the pioneers of mobile cocktail classes, so we can draw on over a decade’s worth of experience and relationships for our virtual classes. Having been around the block a fair few times, you can count on us for our reliability, consistency and quality.
  • Who will be teaching us during the class?
    Our dedicated team of expert bartenders will be showing you the ropes. They’re an eclectic bunch and have come to us from all four corners of the globe to share their expertise with you. With a combined experience of over 50 years between them, picked up via some of the world’s top bars, you can rest assured that you’ll be picking up some true insider knowledge.
  • Do you offer classes in languages besides English?
    Yes, thanks to our diverse staff we are also able to conduct our classes fluently in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Serbian. If you don’t see your preferred language on our list, please let your event organiser know and we'll do what we can to accommodate.

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We follow our own rule of 6. As long as your group size is larger than that, we can deliver. No limits. ?

Class Sizes

  • What is the minimum number of guests for a private class?..
    We require a minimum of 6 guests for a private class. If you are a party of 5 or less, don’t be deterred - join us on one of our public sessions, which take place every other Friday evening.
  • ..and the maximum?
    Theoretically, there is no maximum number of guests we can cater to. Our record to date is 800 people making cocktails simultaneously, with boxes packed and dispatched to 23 different countries. Why not test us out and see if we can smash it?

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Dedicated events organisers will help to take care of every aspect of your event. From start to finish. ☎️


  • Who can I talk to about my booking?
    We have a full-time team of in-house professional event organisers based at our flagship venue in Shoreditch. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, so please call us with any questions at all. If our office is currently closed, please feel free to drop us an email (link) and we’ll get back to you at the next available opportunity.
  • Will I get my own personal event organiser?
    Yes! The very same event organiser will stay with you from planning and booking your event, on the day and post-event, so you can sit back and enjoy some cocktails while we handle the rest.
  • What are your office opening hours?
    Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, so please feel free to give us a call on the number provided any time between these hours for an instant response. If you're calling outside of these hours, simply leave us a message or drop us an enquiry and we'll respond at the next available opportunity.

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Tips, tricks and pearls of wisdom. Imparted by industry insiders. ?


  • What experience do your bartenders have?
    Our team of bartenders can draw upon many careers’ worth of experience spent working at high-end bars, including our very own Cellar Bar and bars across east London, and with some of the world’s most prestigious cocktail bars, such as The Dead Rabbit NYC, so you’ll be in good hands.
  • What techniques do we learn?
    This will depend on your class type, but all our classes are designed to ensure that we teach you as many of the key techniques used by bartenders across the hour and a half session, including measuring, presentation, stirring, shaking, and straining. We’ll even throw in a little bit of flair for good measure.
  • “I am really impressed with it, first impressions are excellent. I am very pleased to see the limited use of plastic and think the small glass bottles with handwritten labels give it a lovely personal touch.”

    James Gould.

  • "The kit is really slick, and nice to have everything included rather than a fetch-your-own-ingredients style."

    Ashley Wilburne, via Google.

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Comfortable on any platform. We conduct our classes on a video conferencing platform of your choice. ?️ 


  • How do you conduct the class?
    We conduct our virtual cocktail classes via Zoom as standard, however we are able to adapt them to pretty much any platform - whether that’s Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or anything else you had in mind. Talk to your event organiser beforehand, and they’ll work on a solution that works for you.
  • How does it all work?
    On the day of your booking we’ll send out a meeting invitation via email which will include a link to a waiting room. This usually opens around 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your class. Once everybody is ready and logged in, your host will kick things off.

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Support independent businesses with every box. We use a variety of interesting liquids sourced from talented people we like ?


  • What is the mystery spirit?
    Inside every box we conceal an ever-changing mystery spirit, sourced from a wide range of independent brands in the drinks industry, for use in the cocktail making competition which we use to round off each and every class.
  • Why do you choose the liquids that you do?
    Because we believe in the importance of championing independent businesses - now more than ever. Also because these spirits are sourced from interesting and innovative brands, set up and run by people we like and admire.
  • What are some examples of the brands you’ve used?
    To date we’ve used a wide variety of brands from interesting and up-and-coming independent brands, including the world’s first (and only) salted & spiced rum and a range of rums distilled and delivered via traditional black cab in London. We found them interesting, and so we wrote a little bit about a few of them on our blog. Why not have a read if you’ve got time to spare?

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Make that 2,489th pub quiz your last for now. Let’s shake things up.


  • Why should I do a virtual cocktail class?
    Our masterclasses have been specifically designed to be a versatile response to the various problems posed by the lockdown era; providing a distinctive, informative, and collaborative activity to friends, family and colleagues alike.Whether it’s in aid of the perfect night in with your housemates, laying on a virtual cocktail party with some friends, organising a fun and distinctive team building activity with your colleagues, or simply lying back while we bring a taste of your favourite bar to your front door, these masterclasses tick plenty of boxes while helping you think outside of it.

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  • Do I get to keep the equipment afterwards?
    You certainly do. It’s yours to do with as you please afterwards, so you can try out your skills to impress your mates whenever you fancy.
  • What can we do after the class?
    That’s really up to you! We like to think of our classes as the perfect starting point for anyone even remotely interested in mixology, introducing them in an inclusive, interactive and enjoyable way to the world of bartending.We encourage you to have a go at the bonus recipe included in your packs and, if you’re thirsty for more, grab yourselves one of our ‘top up’ packs and try your hand at a new lineup of cocktails using the equipment you’ll have received from your initial class with us. Or simply take your newfound knowledge, experiment for yourselves in your kitchen whenever you find a spare 10 minutes, and turn the art of cocktail making into your new favourite pastime.
  • Do you have any recipes I could try out?
    We have taken the time to compile a veritable catalogue of our favourite cocktail serves - from non-alcoholic twists on classics, to signature house serves, and all the iconic drinks from bartending history. Go ahead and have a browse at your leisure.
  • Do you do virtual cocktail making for couples?
    Yes, we do virtual cocktail making classes for 2 people. On our 100% interactive public sessions, which are held every other Friday from 6:30pm, you’ll be joining a wider group of like-minded couples, families, and friends all learning the art of making cocktails simultaneously.
  • How much are virtual cocktail classes for two?
    Our virtual cocktail kits cost £100 for one person, or £60 per head for two, and are delivered directly to your door anywhere in the world via UPS or DPD international shipping.
  • How much are your private classes?
    Since we pride ourselves on our classes' flexibility, and there are countless ways to customise your event with us, this varies quite considerably. You can, however, get an easy quote in no time from one of our team - either via our group form or by giving us a call on 020 8003 7982 during our office hours (9am-6pm Mon-Fri).
  • Will your class improve my homemade cocktails?
    Without a doubt, our classes will improve your homemade cocktails. We tailor all our cocktail making classes to fit cocktail enthusiasts of all ability levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, and our rotating menu is often packed with delicious, easy to make cocktail classics. We also provide all the professional equipment you’ll ever need (to keep) so that when you next make cocktails at home you’ll be doing so in style.

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  • Do you deliver internationally?
    Yes, we deliver each and every box directly to your front door, anywhere in the world via tracked international courier, so you can keep an eye on things and be kept in the loop - regardless of whether you’re chilling in your flat in Hackney, or on the beach in Honolulu.
  • Can I have the boxes delivered to multiple addresses?
    Of course. We deliver each and every box individually directly to you and your guests’ front doors, so there is theoretically no limit to the number of addresses you can provide.
  • When should I receive my box?
    We aim to have your boxes dispatched so that they arrive at your door no less than 24 hours before the scheduled start of your class, although they may arrive sooner. If there is less than 24 hours until the start of your class and you have still not received your box, let your event organiser know and we’ll get to the bottom of it.
  • Can I track my box?
    Yes, simply let your event organiser know beforehand if you’d like to track your order and they will issue you with the link and reference number you’ll need.

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  • Step 1. Choose your class
    The first step towards your virtual cocktail class is choosing which class type suits you, or your group, the most. Our rotating selection of public scheduled classes every other Friday from 6:30pm and are great for groups of five or less. You’ll be joining a group of like-minded people from all around the world, with no more than 20 of you online at any one time, ensuring everyone can get a word in edgewise.We also offer our private virtual classes to groups of six or more. These classes allow for a much greater degree of customisation in terms of drink & menu selection, and flexibility in terms of timings. Get in touch with one of our team if you’d like to take us on privately, and they can talk you through your options.
  • Step 2. Delivery
    Next, it’s our turn. Once you’ve made your booking with us – whether you’re attending a public or private class – we’ll get to work on putting together your boxes and getting them to you, wherever in the world you may be.A few days before your scheduled class, you’ll receive your box containing all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need for your upcoming class. To date, we’ve shipped our boxes all over the country as well as abroad so if you’re not currently in the UK please don’t be put off.
  • Step 3. Prep
    As well as professional equipment and specialist ingredients, your box will contain a number of documents which will outline what you need to do on your end in preparation for your class.This will include how to set up your equipment beforehand, how to join your virtual class, what extra bits and pieces of simple equipment you’ll need, and how to make your own ice in advance at home.
  • Step 4. The Class Itself
    Once you’ve prepared everything on your end, all that’s left to do is wait for the invitation from your chosen video link software, which you should receive via the email you used upon booking.You’ll be allowed into a ‘waiting room’, and once everyone is present your class will begin. Your experienced host will kick things off with a class introduction while you enjoy your pre-bottled welcome cocktail. Guests will then be led through a number of cocktail creations (depending on your class type), with time set aside after each drink for feedback.Finally, to indulge our competitive sides, the class will conclude with a competition. Each participant (or group of participants) will face off against the rest to produce the best cocktail using the mystery ingredient in their box. After 8 minutes, your host will ask for the contents, name, and story behind your creation and decide the winner.

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