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If your enquiry is urgent, please give us a call on 03333 44 77 65. In the meantime, below we’ve collected a variety of resources we think you’ll find helpful. Please feel free to have a browse, find answers to your questions, and share our downloadable PDFs around with your colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for your patience!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but videos are worth more. Watch ours below.

Everything you need to take part. Delivered. Just add ice.

Any date, any time, for groups of any size, anywhere in the world.

What’s in the box?

Inside each and every box as standard you should find:

  • A bar mat.
  • A stainless steel Boston tin and glass set.
  • A hawthorne strainer.
  • A jigger/measure.
  • A speed pourer.
  • A bar spoon.
  • A muddler.
  • A pack of straws.
  • Enough premium spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices & garnish for 4 cocktails in total.
  • Guidance on how to set up your station and bonus additions like giveaway info, recipes and interviews.
  • A mystery guest spirit, sourced from talented independent producers we know and like, to use in a 5th cocktail during the cocktail making competition at the end of your session.

We pride ourselves on our flexibililty.

We are able to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements – from gluten-free to alcohol- free – all in the same booking, seamlessly.

Why Choose Us?


  • We can offer a team of dedicated events organisers, who will help take care of every aspect of your event from start to finish.
  • Our classes can be fully customised to suit any diet, any style, and any taste. Nobody gets left out.
  • We’ve genuinely been doing what we enjoy best for over 12 years. We rely on over a decade’s worth of in- depth experience delivering interactive cocktail masterclasses.
  • We follow our own rule of 6. As long as your group size is larger than that we can deliver. No limits.
  • Our classes are interactive, informative, and award-winning.
  • We’re comfortable on any platform. We can conduct our classes on a video conferencing platform of your choice.
  • We support independent businesses like ours with every box. Inside, we conceal a rotating guest spirit sourced from talented, independent producers we like whilst encouraging you to broaden your horizons and learn all about them.
  • We’re taking this thing seriously. We’ve already shipped over 8,000 boxes to over 60 countries and counting, so you can rely on us for our professionalism and efficiency.


  • Step 1. Choose Your Class
    First off, choose which class type suits you the most. We also offer our private virtual classes to groups of six or more. These classes allow for a great degree of customisation in terms of drink & menu selection, and flexibility in terms of timings.
  • Step 2. Delivery
    Next, it’s our turn. Once you’ve made your booking with us we’ll get to work on putting together your boxes and getting them to you. A few days before your scheduled class, you’ll receive your box containing all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need. To date, we’ve shipped our boxes all over the country as well as abroad so if you’re not currently in the UK please don’t be put off.
  • Step 3. Prep
    In the days leading up to your class, all you need to worry about is sourcing some ice and learning how to lay out your station. We include guidance on all of this as standard.
  • Step 4. Invite
    Once you’ve prepared everything on your end, all that’s left to do is wait for the invitation from your chosen video link software, which you should receive via the email you used upon booking. You’ll be allowed into a ‘waiting room’, and once everyone is present your class will begin.
  • Step 5. The Class Itself
    Your experienced host will kick things off with a class introduction while you enjoy your pre-bottled welcome cocktail. Guests will then be led through a number of cocktail creations (3x as standard), with time set aside after each drink for feedback. Finally, to indulge our competitive sides, the class will conclude with a competition. Each participant (or group of participants) will face off against the rest to produce the best cocktail using the mystery ingredient in their box.


  • Why should I do a virtual cocktail class in the first place?
    Our masterclasses have been specifically designed to be a versatile response to the various problems posed by the lockdown era; providing a distinctive, informative, and collaborative activity to friends, family and colleagues alike. Whether it’s in aid of the perfect night in with your housemates, laying on a virtual cocktail party with some friends, organising a fun and distinctive team building activity with your colleagues, or simply lying back while we bring a taste of your favourite bar to your front door, these masterclasses tick plenty of boxes while helping you think outside of it.
  • What type of virtual classes can I do?
    We have a wide range of cocktail options for each virtual class. You can choose to learn some of the quintessential drinks of bartending history, update them for the 21st century using modern techniques and ingredients with our classic class, get to grips with all things juniper on our classic gin-based virtual cocktail class, or let your hair down as we work our way through the extensive cocktail repertoire of legendary bartender Donn Beach during our tiki class.
  • How many cocktails do we make?
    Our standard class contains all the ingredients for 9 cocktails in total - including a welcome drink, three class cocktails (2 servings), and extra ingredients for a competition cocktail at the end. Whether you go all out on the double-shot cocktails or save some ingredients for afterwards, is up to you. We also have options for as many or as few cocktails as you like - just give us a heads up.
  • Who will be teaching us during the class?
    Our dedicated team of expert bartenders will be showing you the ropes. They’re an eclectic bunch and have come to us from all four corners of the globe to share their expertise with you. With a combined experience of over 50 years between them, picked up via some of the world’s top bars, you can rest assured that you’ll be picking up some true insider knowledge.
  • What is the minimum number of guests for a private class?...
    We require a minimum of 6 guests for a private class. If you are a party of 5 or less, don’t be deterred - join us on one of our public sessions, which take place every other Friday evening.
  • ... and the maximum?
    Theoretically, there is no maximum number of guests we can cater to. Our record to date is 800 people making cocktails simultaneously, with boxes packed and dispatched to 23 different countries. Why not test us out and see if we can smash it?
  • Do you offer classes in languages besides English?
    Yes, thanks to our diverse staff we are also able to conduct our classes fluently in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Serbian. If you don’t see your preferred language on our list, please let your event organiser know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate.
  • Who can I talk to about my booking?
    We have a full-time team of in-house professional event organisers based at our flagship venue in Shoreditch. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, so please call us with any questions at all. If our office is currently closed, please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get back to you at the next available opportunity.
  • Will I get my own personal event organiser?
    Yes! The very same event organiser will stay with you from planning and booking your event, on the day and post-event, so you can sit back and enjoy some cocktails while we handle the rest.
  • How long have you been conducting cocktail classes for?
    We’re the pioneers of mobile cocktail classes, so we can draw on over a decade’s worth of experience and relationships for our virtual classes. Having been around the block a fair few times, you can count on us for our reliability, consistency and quality.

The class itself is just the beginning.

Inside our boxes we also include extra bits and pieces like giveaway info, exclusive interviews, and recipes to try out at home using your brand-new equipment.