Couples Cocktail Making Class Voucher

£150.00 (inc VAT)

Voucher to join one of our fully interactive cocktail making classes, held every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, all focused on 100% involvement for every guest. Each guest gets to make and drink their own selection of cocktails at their own station behind a custom-built cocktail bar.

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A voucher to attend one of our acclaimed cocktail making classes. Our public classes are absolutely ideal for individuals or small group bookings of 1-5 guests and make for a unique and memorable gift. Everyone has their own area on a cocktail bar station to work on, as well as all of the fresh ingredients and equipment required, ensuring that these classes are delivered with our trademark flair and 100% interactivity.

You’ll receive a hand-signed cardstock voucher as well as a digital copy.

Public Masterclasses – every Wednesday & Friday at 7pm, every Saturday at 1pm.

For larger groups we can host private classes anytime for groups of any size. Click here to enquire.

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Class Format

Length: Our recommended class runs for two hours, although we can offer tailored or extended versions depending on your preference.

Reception Cocktail: Enjoy a complimentary cocktail upon entry to your dedicated masterclass lounge.

Introduction of Cocktail Class: Be guided through the background and concepts of mixology & cocktail making, and learn fundamental techniques.

Make Four Cocktails: Time to get hands-on. Every guest will make (and drink) four cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar, with no more than four to five guests to each cocktail bar station.

Cocktail Making Competition: Indulge in some healthy competition as each cocktail bar competes against the rest to make their own original cocktail using a range of liquors, spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices and specialised equipment available to them.

*Note, if there are any non-drinkers that wish to attend there are non-alcoholic options for each cocktail. No one gets left out.




How Long Does My Voucher Last
They last 12 months exactly from the purchase date. If something comes up and you give us a call within that time frame we will try our best to be pretty flexible when it comes to extending them, if you’re nice ;).

How Do I Book/Redeem A Voucher
Click here to redeem your voucher. Start by choosing the area of the building your voucher applies to, for cocktail classes, select ‘Public Masterclasses’, for tastings, select ‘Public Spirit Tastings’ or for film screenings, select ‘TT Cinema’.

Follow the steps and when you are taken to the payment page, select ‘use a voucher.’ Enter your voucher details and hit book and we’ll be in touch to confirm everything.

Alternatively, give us a call on 03333 44 77 65 and we’ll happily book them over the phone for you.

If you have any issues making a booking just get in touch with us here.

Where Are Your Public Cocktail Classes Held?
We host the majority of our public masterclasses at TT Liquor, where we have 4 dedicated masterclass lounges that are fully set up when you arrive – freeing you up to make cocktails continuously for 2 hours without waiting for anyone to set anything up for you.

Who Can Take Part In Cocktail Classes?
Our cocktail classes can be enjoyed by budding mixologists from 18 years of age and above. Everything we do is geared towards making it an event to remember for you and your group.

Are Cocktail Classes Suitable For Non-Drinkers?
Yes, of course, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and flexibility and we put just as much work into crafting our alcohol-free options as our full-strength cocktails. We work with some of the best independent and well-known non-alcoholic spirit brands to create drinks that are delicious and exciting in their own right, meaning nobody is left out.