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Tantra - Pale Ale

Tantra – Pale Ale

Nirvana’s take on a traditional pale ale is as full-flavoured as many of its alcoholic cousins. They describe the beer as being “a timeless classic, reinvented for the mindful beer drinker.”

ABV: 0.5%

Availability: Bottles (24x330ml)

Brewery: Nirvana Brewery

Cocktail Categories:


In classic English pale ale style, Tantra uses lightly roasted barley which gives it a malty caramel body and a lingering, hoppy bitterness on the finish.

This dedication to flavour means that Tantra has the richness and body of a traditional pale ale without the boozy kick. This makes Tantra a great choice for those wanting to host a beer based event without leaving out guests who don’t want to drink. 

Tantra’s crisp, hoppy bitterness and light caramel sweetness make it refreshing and easy to drink, meaning its the perfect option to balance a summer beer menu or offer some variety for non-drinkers at a cocktail event. 

Tantra is available to order for our craft beer truck hire service in bottles which come in cases of 24, you can order as many or as few cases as you like. 

If you’re thinking of stocking Nirvana Tantra on your bar-hire and want to know more about how much to order or what drinks to serve alongside it, be sure to speak to your event organiser or check out some other pale ales and low and no-alcohol beers from our list.


Nirvana is an independent, family-run brewery based in East London. Nirvana was started by a family of beer lovers, headed up by Becky and her brother-in-law Andrew. when Becky’s dad, Jim went teetotal, she wanted to make sure he could still have the excitement of trying a new bottle of beer and that he could continue to socialise with his beer-drinking friends. Becky and Andrew have made it their mission to create high-quality, alcohol-free craft beers. 

They opened the doors of their brewery in East London’s Leyton in 2017 and since then they have worked hard to open up a whole new world of delicious, non-alcoholic craft beer for a growing number of people who want to have fun without drinking and want more options than a lime and soda. 

Nirvana brew non-alcoholic versions of familiar beers like pale ales, IPAs and stouts as well as experimenting with more obscure styles such as a kombucha beer. The thing that ties all their products together is a philosophy that alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean fun-free or flavour-free. 

Nirvana’s full range of alcohol-free beers are available to order in bottles for our mobile craft beer truck hire service.

Visit Nirvana Brewery’s website here.