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Small Beer - Steam

Small Beer – Steam

A flavourful, rye beer that bridges the gap between ale and lager.

ABV: 2.7%

Availability: Bottles (24x350ml) Kegs (30l) 

Brewery: Small Beer Brewing Company

Cocktail Categories:


Steam is an original beer from the Small Beer Brewing Company, made using rye as well as wheat and oats, this low alcohol ale has a deep rich flavour but a light body making it a sessionable treat for ale drinkers and an accessible starting point for those newly exploring the world of craft beer.

All Small Beer’s beers are brewed between 0.5 and 2.8% ABV this means they can be sessioned all day and all night without getting you too sloshed. This makes Steam and Small Beer’s other products a great choice to serve at a daytime event or a summer party. 

Steam is a great choice for those looking to balance out a menu of strong beers or cocktails with some lighter options but still be able to offer their guests a top quality choice. We’d recommend this to anyone looking for a low-alcohol option for their event.

Steam is available to order through our mobile craft beer truck hire service in bottles and kegs. Bottles are 350ml and come in cases of 24, you can order as many or as few cases as you’d like. Kegs are 30l which is around 50 pints.

If you’re thinking of stocking Steam at your bar hire and want to know more about how much to order or what drinks you could serve alongside it, be sure to speak to your event organiser or check out some other bitters and low alcohol beers from our list.


The Small Beer Brewing Company is a brewery based in South Bermondsey that have dedicated themselves to producing small beer. 

Small beer is the name given to beers between 0.5% and 2.8% ABV, originally these beers were borne out of necessity, before irrigation made clean water accessible to all in the 19th century, British people were highly prone to disease and dysentery from their drinking water. To avoid this many people drank small beer instead, the distillation and brewing process would help purify the water and the relatively low alcohol content meant it could be drunk all day without impeding.

Fast forward to the 21st century and sourcing clean drinking water is no longer really an issue in the UK, without the need for it small beer has all but disappeared along with the traditional techniques used to make it. That’s where the Small Beer Brewing Company come in. They’ve worked hard to rekindle the lost processes of small beer brewing and produce a range of beers that are low in alcohol but high in flavour. 

Small Beer’s ethos is centred around giving experiences the same clarity and crispness as the beer drunk at them. They’ve produced a range of beers that can be drunk all day without clouding judgement or memory. Small Beer’s biggest priority was to lower alcohol content without sacrificing flavour and through their tireless work they’ve certainly achieved that.

Small Beer Brewing Company’s full range of products are available to order through our mobile craft beer truck hire service in bottles and on draft.