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Trinity Session - Pale Ale

A truly sessionable light ale that pairs brilliantly with foods like chicken and seafood, or works just as well with a sunny afternoon and a selection of good mates.

Trinity Session Pale Ale is Redemptions flagship beer and a truly holy drinking experience. This sessionable pale ale is the result of a perfect harmony of flavours and ingredients, with 3 being the magic number.

Availability: Cans (24x330ML)/Key Kegs (30L)

ABV: 3.0%

Brewery: Redemption Brewing

Cocktail Categories:


This summertime-session-beer is a combination of three malts and three juicy West Coast hops, with a three percent ABV, making it quaffable, light and satisfying.

Trinity subtly balances a trio of flavour components: the enticing aroma of seville oranges, a refreshing citrus-y bite and a rich malty sweetness, combined they give Trinity its trademark crushable finish.

With its low alcohol content and light, refreshing flavour, Trinity is a great beer to feature at a summertime or daytime bar hire, the flavour is mild enough to please casual drinkers but with enough complexity to satisfy more experienced beer lovers too. Try pairing it with a summer IPA or a citrus based beer like a grapefruit saison.

Trinity is available through our mobile craft beer truck hire service in 330ml cans or on draft from a key keg. Cans come in cases of 24 and you can order as many or as few cases as you’d like, kegs are 30l which is around 50 pints.

If you’re thinking of stocking Trinity Session Pale Ale at your bar hire and want to see what other beers could feature alongside it, or if you want to know more about how much to order, be sure to speak to your event organiser or check out some other session beers and pale ales from our list.


Redemption Brewing Co have been one of the leading lights in London’s craft beer scene since their inception in 2010. This award-winning North London brewery focuses on modern, drinkable session beers with a reputation for quality and consistency.

Redemption is a small, family run business with an onsite taproom and close links to their local community of Tottenham. It was started by husband and wife team Sam Rigby and Andy Moffat when in 2009, they both decided to quit their jobs to open a microbrewery in North London. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time but in the ten years since, Redemption Brewing Co has gone from strength to strength, amassing a loyal legion of fans and winning multiple awards at the prestigious Society of Independent Brewers.

Redemption’ beers are firmly ingrained in London, they use Maris Otter barley grown in the English countryside and locally sourced, British grown hops wherever possible, mostly coming from the garden of England; Kent. For their more exotic beers they do import some full-flowered New World hops but at the heart of all their products is London water piped directly from North London’s Lea Valley. 

Now a decade old, Redemption Brewing Co is one of the elder statesmen of the London craft beer scene, they are accomplished and highly respected. They pride themselves on their close links with their local community and are involved in a number of school-programs and charitable ventures around Tottenham. They also donate all their spent grain and hops to local allotments for use in composting.

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