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Inkspot Black Lager

Black Lager

A Czech style black lager with big flavour and a light body. 

ABV: 4.6%

Availability: Cans (24x330ml) Keg (30l)

Brewery: Inkspot Brewery

Cocktail Categories:


Black lager, or schwarzbier gets its distinctive dark colouring from the roasted black and chocolate malts used to make it, this gives it those big, warming, winter flavours you expect from a stout or dark beer – rich chocolate, bitter coffee and a creamy, malty finish.

Despite its huge flavour, Inkspot’s black lager has a light body thanks to its slow, cool fermentation process, this makes it refreshing and sessionable without compromising on taste. 

Black lager’s rich, deep flavour and complexity make it a great beer to pair with food, particularly char-grilled meats or vegetables, so this is the perfect beer for a summer barbecue or even a dinner party. This lager would sit happily amongst a wine or cocktail menu or be a great addition to a beer menu when paired with some lighter, pilsner style lagers and perhaps some dry pale ales.

Inkspot Black Lager is available to order for our mobile craft beer truck hire service in cans and kegs, cans are 330ml and come in cases of 24, you can order as many or as few cases as you like. Kegs are 30l which is around 50 pints.

If you’re thinking of stocking Inkspot Black Lager at your event and want to know more about how much to order or what drinks might be good to serve alongside it, be sure to speak to your event organiser or check out some other dark lagers and year round beers from our list.


Based in Streatham in South London, and headed up by two friends, Bradley and Tom, the Inkspot Brewery started as an idle conversation over a couple of beers.

As the pair of mates sat in Bradley’s bar they got to pondering, “why does every bar have a house wine, but none have a house beer?” Their search for answers led them to begin brewing their own.

After two years of borrowing a friends brewery, a series of life changes led them to get serious, Bradley sold his bar and Tom retired from the British army, and the pair began trying to find a permanent home for their enterprise. 

A stroke of luck would lead them to an old, forgotten barn inside the Rookery garden, a protected piece of land on Streatham Common. Despite the building’s condition and the land’s protected status, overwhelming local support would mean the boys were granted planning permission.

Three years of hard work and renovation eventually paid off as the old barn was converted into a working brewery, tanks were filled, doors were opened and the Inkspot Brewery was born. 

All Inkspot’s beers are unfiltered, unfined and suitable for vegans. Their full range is available through our craft beer truck hire service in both cans and kegs.

Visit Inkspot’s website here.