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Hédoné - Saison

Light and refreshing with a spicy, fruity yeast character 

Hédoné Saison is Blackened Sun’s flagship brew. A Beautifully light but flavoursome saison, this beer won CHAMPION BEER of the concrete pint 2017 (MK and North Bucks CAMRA). Hédoné is the ancient greek personification of pleasure and this beer lives up to its name, it’s refreshing, delicious and highly pleasurable.

Availability: Bottles (24x330ML) Key Keg (30L)

ABV: 3.6%

Brewery: Blackened Sun Brewing




Cocktail Categories:


Hédoné Saison is sessionable, light and refreshing, it has a spicy, fruity yeast character underpinned by notes of citrus and berries. This beer proves that a low alcohol beer can still be big on flavour. 

Saison’s are traditionally spicy, fruity pale ales that are light in colour and fairly low in alcohol, in recent years the average saison has seen a slight increase in ABV to between around 4.5-6% but originally these beers would have been much lower in alcohol. Hédoné sticks to tradition and is a light easy to drink, refreshing but complex beer

Hédoné Saison is available through our mobile craft beer truck hire service in both bottles and kegs. Bottles come in cases of 24 and you can order as many or as few as you’d like, kegs are 30l which is roughly around 50 pints.

If you’re thinking of stocking Hédoné Saison at your bar hire and want to see what other beers could feature alongside it, or if you want to know more about how much to order, be sure to speak to your event organiser or check out some other speciality beers from our list.





Blackened Sun Brewing Co. is a micro craft brewery from Milton Keynes. Established in 2017, their focus is on the use of yeast in the brewing process,they currently use 3 different strains of Belgian yeast to create their hybrid styles. Their ethos is all about creativity, flavour and passion, brewing highly drinkable beers that are something different within the current craft scene.

All Blackened Sun’s beers are unpasteurised, unfiltered and left to condition naturally, creating a fuller, more diverse flavour profile.

Working with the local community is very important to Blackened Sun Brewing Co. they fund-raise for local charities, they have a three-monthly rotating exhibition of independent art in their taproom in association with a local arts collective, the used barley from their brewing is donated to a local farmer and their used hops are given to a local community interest company who support adults with learning difficulties through social and therapeutic horticulture – used hops are an excellent natural fertiliser.

Blackened sun’s beers are all carefully crafted to make them delicious and unique and their full range is available through our mobile craft beer truck hire service.

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