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Duette - Sparkling Brut Beer

Champagne yeast beer. 

“A symphony in a bottle, a party in your glass, this is a celebration of harmonies.”

Availability: Bottles (12x375ml/6x750ml)

ABV: 11.5%

Brewery: House Of Après

Cocktail Categories:


This unique beer from House of Après is a harmonious blend of specially curated yeasts. 

Duette delivers the bubbles and sparkly characteristics you’d expect from a good champagne whilst simultaneously sporting the flavours and aromas of a good German weiss beer and a gorgeously satisfying crisp, refreshing finish.

Duette is designed to be drunk like a champagne or good prosecco, it’s a beer to celebrate with. Served in a chilled flute this marries the elegance of champagne with the depth and complexity of traditional German weiss beer, making this a truly one-of-a-kind product. 

Duette is a great choice to add some class and sophistication to a beer menu without compromising on flavour or variety and the perfect thing for adventurous beer lovers looking for something different. 

Duette is available to order through our mobile craft beer truck hire service in both champagne-sized 75cl bottles and mini 37.5cl bottles. If you’re interested in serving this beer at your bar hire and want to know more about what it could be served alongside or how much to order then be sure to speak to your event organiser regarding your options.


House of Après started as an events company, catering to a range of ski-based events throughout Europe before expanding to bring their unique après ski-style hospitality to non-alpine venues as well. 

Inspired by a love of beer and a drive to create something unique, the boys behind Après began working in partnership with Bristol’s Wiper and True brewery to produce their own beer. Determined to make something different they came up with their signature product, Duette, a specialist beer brewed with champagne yeast.

Since launching, House of Après have worked hard to perfect their product and raise the profile of their brand. Their passion for innovation and creativity led to the development of a revolutionary new bottle packaging system created by a company that specialised in transporting surf-boards. When their not busy making delicious beer, House of Après also put out mixes through Mixcloud and produce a variety of premium merch centred around their brand ethos.

You can visit House of Après’ website here