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Cocktail Bar Hire - Molecular Mixology


Mixology Events offer a ‘molecular mixology’ version of our cocktail bar hire service. Molecular mixology takes the scientific techniques of molecular gastronomy and applies them to the making of new and innovative cocktails.

Using specialised equipment, we can make and serve extraordinary cocktails created using unusual methods such as spherification (using sodium alginate and a calcium bath to make spheres out of liquids), infusing grapes with carbon dioxide to make them fizzy, using dry ice to create instant ice cream, and creating nitrous oxide whipped cream using iSi cream whippers.

cocktail bar hire molecular mixology

We have designed a number of molecular cocktails that can be served as part of our mobile cocktail bar hire service – including a Peach Bellini with peach schnapps caviar (created through direct spherification) and a Purple Rain that gradually changes colour as the ice in it melts (it is made with butterfly pea tea and starts bright blue but turns purple due to a chemical reaction with the citrus juices that are slowly released by the melting ice cubes.) Our other concoctions, amongst many others, include a White Negroni with a lapsang tea mist, and a Ramos Gin Fizz with nitrous oxide infused whipped cream.

Molecular cocktails can help make any event extra special and memorable – we are able to design custom molecular cocktails to tie in with any theme you might have in mind. We also offer a molecular cocktail making class in which you can learn to make molecular cocktails like the ones above for yourself.

cocktail bar hire molecular mixology

We’re able to supply our molecular cocktail bar hire at almost any venue of your choice throughout London or the UK, if you have somewhere in mind, then get in contact with our events organisers using any of the means below:

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