Our mobile bar hire service recently found it’s way to the verdant gardens and illustrious pathways of Hampton Court Palace Gardens, as we helped our friends over at Maison SASSY set up shop in style with the aid of one of our special bespoke light-up bars.

The occasion in this case was the 5th annual Hampton Court Palace Food Festival, a culinary extravaganza running at the end of August, featuring more than 100 speciality food stalls, cookery demos, talks, and book signings from seasoned chefs – such as Michel Roux Jr. and Nadiya Hussein.

mobile bar hire london maison sassy mixology

Above: Some of the food-based offerings available over the festival. Source: TimeOut.

Not simply limited to food, the festival’s range also extends to the liquids – celebrating some of the finest producers of beverages, both alcoholic and less so, and giving them a chance to lay out their vision.

Alcoholic beverages are hardly known for their health benefits, and often seem anachronistic to the increasingly nutrition-driven nature of the food and drink industry – however on this SASSY stand apart from the crowd.

mobile bar hire london maison sassy mixology

Above: The festival in full flow. Source: EatDrinkSeek.

Their cider (or ‘cidre’, if you will) is borne out of their founders’ – Pierre-Emmanuel and Xavier – ambition to modernise the drink, bringing it back to basics using quality ingredients and a hand-crafted technique. The result is a cider that is not only gluten free and 100% natural but, at less than 50 calories per 150ml, is also the least calorific cider on the market. Result.

In order to get the word out, the SASSY team conducted some free tastings of their varied range, as well as selling some specially designed glassware for attendees to take home.

On top of this, they shook up two intriguing cocktail creations – showcasing their cidre’s versatility and suitability as a high-quality mixer. The first was dubbed ‘La Vie en Rose’ (‘Life in Pink’), a nod to Édith Piaf’s famous post-war hit, and featured a summery combination of SASSY Rosé, St Germain Liqueur and Lemon Juice.

mobile bar hire london maison sassy mixology

Above: The guys from SASSY all set up and ready to go, featuring our bespoke light-up bar.

The second, which went by the name of G&P, featured a healthy measure of SASSY Poiré, followed by FAIR Gin, Agave Syrup and Lemon Juice.

All in all, the event was a great success. We’re happy to have played a part in getting the word out about SASSY’s great range of modernised ciders and we wish them the best of luck in the future.

Tempted to try some having read this? You can pick up a bottle or two from our sister company, TT Liquor, and their specialist liquor store.