Frozen Margarita

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Frozen Margarita

Tequila, lime juice and triple sec, together these three ingredients create one of the all time cocktail greats: the Margarita, combine them with crushed ice and a little sugar, in a blender, and you have the ultimate summertime slushie: the Frozen Margarita. This frozen cocktail is the perfect way to cool down on a sticky, summer afternoon.

Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Sugar.

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A fun but classic twist on an original Margarita, this recipe simply requires the usual ingredients (tequila, triple sec and lime) be combined in a blender with crushed ice to create a summery, grown-up slushie.

Sugar is usually added to the frozen version of this cocktail to turn it into a sweeter drink than its more savoury older brother. This is the perfect cocktail for anyone planning a summer-time mobile bar hire or for those who are eager to design a tequila based menu.

A Frozen Maragarita is the ultimate summer thirst quencher, cold, zingy and packing a healthy tequila punch, it’s sure to go down well at any event. For those hoping to showcase agave based spirits, this a great cocktail for the less seasoned drinkers among your guests and the perfect way to introduce people to tequila.

This drink does require a blender to make, so if you’re hoping to include it on your menu be aware that it will need a power source and it may not be quite as quick to produce as some of our other options. You may want to pair it with some simpler cocktails to help regulate the speed of service. Another great beginner tequila cocktail is the Tommy’s Margarita; a mild version of the original that uses the natural sweetener, agave syrup, to round out the sharp notes of the tequila and lime, this drink is not only quick and simple, but incredibly moreish too.

For those who are including a Frozen Margarita on their cocktail menu, you may want to add some other blended drinks as well. There are loads of fun cocktails made in a blender and if you already have the equipment on site there’s no reason not to try some of these alternatives. One particularly popular blended cocktail is the Batida, this Brazilian drink mixes cachaça (a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugar cane) with fresh fruit and condensed milk to make a tropical, boozy milkshake.

If you’re interested in featuring a Frozen Margarita on your cocktail menu and want to know more about what drinks might work well alongside it, be sure to speak to your event organiser about your options, or check out some other tequila based, summery and blended cocktails from our list.


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Ingredients & Equipment


  • 35ml Tequila
  • 15ml Triple Sec
  • 25ml Lime Juice
  • 12.5ml Sugar Syrup
  • Lime Wheel to Garnish



  • Blender
  • Jigger/Measure
  • Mexican Elbow
  • Rocks Glass
  • Crushed Ice
  • Slushie Straw
  • Take your blender, make sure it’s plugged in
  • Using your jigger to measure, add the tequila, triple sec and sugar syrup to the blender
  • Using your Mexican elbow and your jigger to measure, squeeze 25ml of lime juice and add it to the blender
  • Add a scoop of crushed ice to the blender
  • Blend until combined
  • Pour into a rocks glass with a wide, slushie straw
  • Garnish with a lime wheel
  • Serve and enjoy!


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