Bison Grass Julep

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Bison Grass Julep

Bison grass vodka’s amazing grassy, floral and chamomile notes lift this julep to another level. Mixed with peach liqueur, passion fruit, lemon and apple juice, the Bison Grass Julep is a gorgeous and refreshing drink, perfect for a spring or summer cocktail menu.

Bison Grass Vodka, Peach Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Syrup, Passionfruit.

We Recommend

This twist on the classic mint julep uses Bison Grass vodka in place of the usual bourbon and adds apple juice, peach liqueur and passion fruit for a wonderfully fruity summertime smash.

If you’re planning a mobile bar hire during the warm summer months a cocktail like this could be a great way to cool off.

Juleps and smashes are made with crushed ice, and mixed in the container they are served in, this means they are quick and easy for bartenders to prepare, helping to keep your guests happy and their glasses full. This drink would feature brilliantly alongside other, classic, julep style drinks.

You may want to consider the originator of this style of cocktail: the Mint Julep. This American favourite features bourbon, mint and sugar mixed with crushed ice to create a refreshing, light but complex cocktail, combining the rich spicy warmth of bourbon and the cool zing of mint.  

Bison Grass vodka comes from Poland and has a mellow, floral, almost sweet flavour, this makes it an excellent choice to elevate classic vodka cocktails. If you’d like to feature some other vodka classics, using this unique spirit it is classically paired with apple juice, so something like an Apple Vanilla Martini could be perfect.

This fruity spin on the classic martini features apple juice and vanilla syrup to create a moreish cocktail with the soft sweetness of vanilla and the bite of sharp organic apple juice.

If you’re eager to include a Bison Grass Julep on your cocktail menu and want to know more about what cocktails could be good to serve alongside it, be sure to speak to your event organiser to find out more about your options, or check out some other vodka-based, summery and julep style cocktails from our list.


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Ingredients & Equipment


  • 40ml Bison Grass Vodka
  • 10ml Peach liqueur
  • 12.5ml Vanilla Syrup
  • ¼ of a Lemon, Squeezed
  • ½ a Passion Fruit
  • Passion fruit half for Garnish


  • Jigger/Measure
  • Bar Spoon
  • Julep Tin
  • Crushed Ice
  • Take your julep tin
  • Using your jigger to measure, add the vodka, peach liqueur and vanilla syrup to the tin
  • Using your hands, squeeze the juice of your lemon wedge in with the other ingredients and put the squeezed wedge in too
  • Using your bar spoon, scoop in the flesh and seeds of half a passion fruit
  • Fill your tin with crushed ice
  • Covering the top of the tin with your hand, and using your bar spoon, churn the drink, making sure to scoop everything up from the bottom, for 10-15 seconds
  • Cap the drink with a pile of crushed ice, using your hand to form it into a dome
  • Garnish with the other half of your passion fruit and serve with a straw
  • Fold a napkin in half diagonally and wet the outer corners, stick the wet corners to the outside of the cold tin to give your drink a jacket
  • Serve and enjoy!


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