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Sure Cocktail Bar Hire


Mixology Events provided an all-inclusive portable cocktail bar hire service for cosmetics purveyors Sure to launch their new antiperspirant and deodorant range. We provided a custom selection of cocktails, made with natural ingredients and spirits, with a specially designed cocktail corresponding to each of the four new deodorant fragrances being launched.

Mixology worked with Sure to create a clean-cut white aesthetic for the cocktail class, staying in tune with Sure’s fresh, pristine brand identity.

To accompany the themed mixed drinks served Mixology provided each guest with a subtly branded and customised ‘Sure’ cocktail kit to take away with them.

The option to provide a bespoke branded cocktail kit to guests is available for all clients wanting to hire our cocktail services. Our event organisers are on hand to discuss and assist all stages of your desired event, get in touch by any of the means below:

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