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Remy Cointreau - Cocktail Making Class


Mixology Events provided our cocktail making class for cognac, liqueur and spirit producers Remy Cointreau in Richmond, south London. The location is moments from Richmond Park providing views that inspired the paintings of J. M. W. Turner.

Hailing from Paris, Remy Cointreau is a French alcoholic drinks company whose premier liqueurs and spirits get supplied to a range of clients. Being asked to host a cocktail making class for them was an honour, as they’re obviously no strangers to top quality beverages.

We provided our cocktail making class for a large selection of Remy Cointreau guests, making sure everyone had their own workspace on one of our custom built cocktail bar stations.

Following this successful event we were asked by Remy Cointreau to provide a in-house training day for the brand – passing on our cocktail making expertise to some of their staff who were going to begin work in executive airport lounges in the UK.

If you would like to take part in a cocktail making class, please get in touch with our events organisers by calling 0207 131 2706 and they can talk you through every detail of your planned class. There are no size limitations to our cocktail making classes.



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