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Deloitte - Cocktail Making Classes


Mixology Events worked with multinational, professional services firm Deloitte to deliver a variation of one of our cocktail making classes for the 120 guests present. At the time this was the largest cocktail class we had hosted, however we were still able to maximise interaction and involvement with every one of our guests – we make sure no-one’s experience gets compromised.

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We began by hosting one of our classic cocktail making classes (available from our cocktail shop) providing each guest their own work surface on a cocktail bar station with all of the ingredients and glassware required.

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We then instigated a friendly competition – each guest received a secret black envelope with directions to design and create his or her own cocktail. We set up another cocktail bar where the Deloitte staff could choose from a range of the spirits, fresh fruit, juices and bitters to make their own, unique, mixed drink.

The creator of each cocktail was asked to conjure up a fictional back-story to explain the design and ingredient choices for their mixed drink. These are still some of the funniest anecdotes we’ve heard at any of our cocktail making classes.

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Since the original class and competition, we have collaborated with Deloitte on a number of subsequent occasions – providing more cocktail making classes, team building experiences and even Christmas party celebrations. Call one of our event organisers on 0203 131 2706 to begin arranging your own event – be it for a larger department like this event (we have done much larger since) or a smaller team, Mixology are able to cater for any number of guest whilst still maintaining 100% involvement and interaction with all present.


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