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Molecular Cocktail Class

Molecular Cocktail Making Classes

Our Molecular Mixology class focuses on scientific techniques of changing the chemical structure of ingredients to make innovative and unique cocktails.

Using specialised equipment, you will be taught how to make four of your own delicious, lab-produced cocktails within our completely interactive molecular masterclass format. Every guest will have their own work area on a custom cocktail bar station, each of which holds four people.

Some of the less conventional components of the molecular workshop include: An iSi cream whipper with N20 canisters, an Earl Grey mist creation, as well as dry ice to produce an ice cream for a mixed drink. This fantastic class boasts exciting visuals, tastes and science to heighten your masterclass experience.


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Key Points / Overview

  • Custom-built cocktail bars
  • 100% interactive cocktail making
  • 2 hour classes
  • 4-5 guests per cocktail bar
  • Make 4 cocktails
  • Cocktail competition

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Molecular Cocktail Class Format

Reception Cocktail – Enjoy a complimentary cocktail upon entry to your molecular cocktail making class in our private mixology masterclass lounge.

Introduction of Cocktail Class – Be guided through the background and concepts of molecular mixology & cocktail making and learn fundamental techniques.

Make Four Cocktails – Every guest will make four molecular produced cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar.

Cocktail Making Competition – Indulge in some healthy competition as each cocktail bar competes against the rest to make their own original molecular cocktail using a range of liquors, spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices and specialised equipment available to them.

*Note, if there are any non-drinkers that wish to attend there are mocktail (non-alcoholic) options for each cocktail. No-one gets left out.


Mixology Events’ permanent base is at Mixology Studios, 17B Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London. It’s within walking distance of Old Street and Liverpool Street Stations and is easily accessible via public transport.

We also have cocktail making class partnership venues throughout central London, north London, south London, west London, east London, the City and Canary Wharf.

Mixology Events offer the additional option of setting up our mobile cocktail making class at any location of your choice nationally.

Private/Exclusive Cocktail Classes

Celebrate a special occasion and hire one of our private cocktail making masterclass lounges for you and your group’s exclusive use. Alternatively, individuals and small groups can join our weekly Public Masterclass.

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